Who I am

Over time, my gaze and my art have defined in a versatile way forms dedicated to embody the union between the spiritual and material world. Between the perception of space, of void and light, and the ambition to join us with our ambitions of beauty, harmony, knowledge through the wonder of art.

In my works lives the continuous desire for research, for the pause for contemplation in which the eyes fix a point and begin to define spaces and geometries that create a "broad definition".

I started my journey as an artist through goldsmithing, sculpture, artistic foundry and photography.

I live and work in Rome and my sculpture studio in Castiglione della Pescaia (Grosseto).

Sometimes we dwell in an attempt to speech the perception of the proposed language, other times it is a spontaneous assimilation.

In the present time where everything is accelerating, less and less marked by moments of pause, the latter seems privilege of the few. I have always had the desire for the contemplative pause of the research, when your eyes are fixed on a distant point, without focusing on anything while your intellect at the same time shows what grows inside, inner vision that goes up from the depths life journey, to reach the stage of your mind, and your eyes keep staring at that invisible point, an integral part of an imaginary straight line, reaching out toward everything and nothing.

All this happens in the stillness of the body, generous donor, which combines unpretentious to reach the inner vision, and when this happens, it comes the certainty of being fed. Fruitful nourishment that knocks on the walls of your abdomen, which recalls the mind, and proposes the hands of the extreme necessity to materialize, it renders possible the hidden vision from the eyes as a forthcoming presence.
My language.
I have the opportunity to present it in the stern silence of my work, spokesperson of my imagination. I have the possibility to propose a break, to be able to donate… long or short break depends on us, when the game ends without essential excess of the proposed volumes, it replaces the awareness of the precariousness, the knowledge that it is all supported by the little, and in the meantime the pause, like a watercolor, fades from his apnea to become incredulous certainties.
I wanted to introduce myself through the metaphor of my feelings and my desires. I wanted to remember the importance of the pause that extends to much more than this, and each of us knows how long. At this time I would have the desire to put my hands these lines that are materializing in front of me because inside me I hear a knock, but the truth is that each of us has to tell something through the broad definition of art, which belongs to everyone.
Through my sculptures I seek "the broad definition" in an attempt to improve the story, to improve the materialized which is nothing more than the union between two worlds, spiritual and material, between what we are and what we feel and we try to be, all without pretense.

Perceive their own body in space and display their clutter, no more closed shapes that define the volume, but projections that expand and offer new perspectives.
Clean and free of excess geometries that theatrically present the material, deceiving the fast sight which stores the closed frame, but the depth of the desire to penetrate the detail, it triggers the dilatation mechanism.
The floors are connected, invisible extensions form new volumes, they belt, share imaginary tracks: the void takes form and leaves a mark, it gives the perception of the certainty of having had a new experience.
As the memory of an experience offers the focus of distant images, such as the mind moves to display the memory, the void volume is proposed (visual anchor of the unconscious), anchor that holds weight, the void becomes matter and the matter becomes the excuse that gives life to void.
Cracks and cuts of light become an unique eye contact, reopening the structure to the key to reading of the closed frame.

Patrizia Murazzano 

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